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ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Integrated Quality.

IFG ASCOM's Integrated Quality, Environmental, OH&S Management System (IMS) is an operational system registered with IQ Net and SRAC and certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, implemented by the International Standards Organization. It contains the various sections required to comply with accepted international standards for quality, environmental and OH&S aspects management in our company. Our IMS identifies how we shall manage our Quality, Environmental and OH&S responsibilities, and defines procedures and instructions to be followed when performing certain tasks. External auditors conduct periodic audits of the IMS on an annual basis to ensure that the company is operating the IMS in the manner it has committed to.


ASCOM GROUP upholds the highest quality standards in maximizing how we conduct our business activities. We operate with integrity throughout the organization and with everyone we interact, and namely government bodies, business partners, shareholders and contractors.

ASCOM GROUP is committed to maintaining a Quality Policy oriented to satisfying the customer requirements and expectations concerning the products and services performed.

This policy complies with the fundamental purpose of the Company, and namely maintenance and enlargement of service markets and increase in Company's performance and profit.

This policy in maintained and implemented by the Company's top management through the following strategic directions:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System as a framework for the establishment and application of the foregoing policy and continual analysis of its adequacy and integration into Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Systems, and continuous improvement of Quality Management System (QMS) efficiency.
  • Involvement of top management in the process of requirements satisfaction and taking of measures directed to continuous improvement of QMS efficiency.
  • Presentation of policy within the Company and personnel's awareness of their role in Quality Policy and Objectives enforcement.
  • Training and continual personnel's awareness of quality importance.
  • Analysis and constant adjustment of basic activities against market requirements and customers requirements and expectations;
  • Allotment of proper material and human resources for QMS efficient operation and advancement.
  • Continual assessment of customers, legal and other requirements satisfaction, and concern for their realization.

Periodically, the top management of ASCOM GROUP reviews its Quality Policy for adequacy.

The entire personnel shall be knowledgeable of and apply in its field of activity provisions set forth in Quality Police.

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